Can LED Strip Lights Go In The Bathroom?

Can LED strip lights be used in the bathroom? My answer is yes. If you want to install the LED strip in the kitchen, bathroom, or places where water is often splashed. I also recommend that you buy a waterproof LED strip with protection class IP65, because it will be safer. But, if you are not using it in this kind of usage scenario, I recommend you to buy non-waterproof LED strips. Because this way you don’t need too much budget.

Why it can go in the bathroom?

When we know that the LED strip lights can be used in the bathroom, or in outdoor LED swing. We may behave questions. Why can LED light strips be used in the bathroom? So, then let’s take a look together, why the LED strip can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen, or where water splashes.

Can LED Strip Lights Go In The Bathroom
Can LED Strip Lights Go In The Bathroom

What is LED strip

Before we start to wonder why LED strips lights can be waterproof, we need to know what LED strips are. Because only in this way can we understand the answer to this question more clearly.

So what is an LED strip? The LED strip lights is a kind of flexible circuit board, and the surface of the circuit board is filled with light-emitting diodes. Therefore, LED strips are also called LED tape or ribbon lights.

Model of LED strip

LED strip lights are only a large range because there are many different models of LED strip lights. There are five main differences between the different models of LED strip lights. The five differences are different colors, different shapes, different sizes, addressable and non-addressable SMD, and different power levels. The most common SMD types in our lives are SMD3528, SMD5050, or SMD2835. Many people may not understand the meaning of SMD here, but SMD means surface mounted device. The numbers behind the SMD represent the sizes of different LED strips.

The waterproof feature of LED strip

When we have a simple understanding of what an LED strip lights is, we can know its waterproof function. Because the LED strip is a flexible circuit board, even the uncoated LED strip is physically waterproof, and the waterproof rating can be rated IP20. This kind of tape of the LED strip is usually low pressure, which is safe for human skin. But there is still a small short-circuit risk. So if you need to use it in a bathroom, kitchen, or water splashing place. I would recommend you to buy a waterproof LED strip with thermally conductive epoxy or silicone coating. Because the waterproof LED strip can prevent direct contact between the circuit and water, and the waterproof grade of this waterproof LED strip can reach IP65, IP67, or IP68. This is why Colorfuldeco will use an LED strip as the light source.

The LED strip is more powerful than you think

Do you think the LED strip can be used in the bathroom only because of its waterproof function? If you think so, it is really wrong, because the LED strip is more powerful than we thought.

About other advantages of LED strips

First of all, you have to know that the most important advantage of an LED strip lights that can be used in the bathroom is that it is a flexible circuit board. In addition to waterproof performance, the most important thing is its strip shape and soft characteristics. Because of this feature, the LED strip can be hung wherever you want or need it.

Secondly, the LED strip has a very long service lifespan, basically 10 years. And if it is other lamps, you may need to spend more money in the same period, instead of just buying one time like LED strip which can be used for a long time.

Once again, the heat generated by the LED strip during use is very low, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. And they do not generate the same heat as other bulbs, so they can be placed in places where ordinary bulbs cannot be placed.

Finally, most models of LED strip can help you save electrical energy, which is a very environmentally friendly advantage in itself, and it has great benefits for users. In addition, energy-saving alone can satisfy many people’s purchasing needs for LED strips.

Can the LED strip only be used in the bathroom?

After we have learned so much about LED strip lights, some people may have questions, can LED strips only be used in bathrooms? The answer is definitely that LED strips are not only used in bathrooms. Because of its unique design, LED strips can be used perfectly in many places where ordinary lights cannot be used.

What are the usage scenarios of the LED strip?

Before we understand the usage scenarios of the LED strip lights, we first need to know the installation method and usage conditions of the LED strip.

Installation method

In the previous introduction, we have learned that the LED strip lights is a flexible circuit board, so the installation method of the LED strip lights is also very simple. LED strips are mostly installed by sticking, and the back is coated with tape. And because the LED strip is flexible, it can be divided at any position between the LED.

Usage conditions

The use conditions of the LED strip are very low. Most of the LED strips can be used in the ambient temperature range of -20 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. And the LED strip usually works under 12 or 14 volt DC. The LED strip can also provide a USB device version or a mains voltage version.

Usage scenarios

After we understand the installation method and usage conditions of the LED strip, we can find that it has a wide range of uses and can be used for various installations. Nowadays, in addition to traditional lighting, LED strips can also be widely used in various DIY projects, such as LED furniture, which is very popular now, or clothing with lighting. And now LED strip also has more intelligent extension functions, for example, you can use mobile phones or smart accessories to adjust the color and brightness of the LED.

In the end, after we discuss this topic. Will you be interested in the LED strip? However, if you do not have relevant electronic knowledge and relevant operating experience. We do not recommend that you use LED strips for DIY. Maybe we can buy some safer related products to experiences, such as colorfuldeco’s LED cube and other light-emitting products. After we use it, we may have a better understanding of LED strips.

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